Our complete home remodeling process

This unique process is broken into 4 phases and is summarized in 10 steps:

How it works

Our Remodeling Process


Initial Conversation

During our scheduled call we will discuss everything you have in mind for you project. We will give you a ballpark quote and schedule to come out to take measurements if you agree to our price range.

Design phase

We will meet at your home and go over everything we discussed on the phone. We will then take measurements, pictures and videos of your space and within 24 hours send you a detailed estimate.

Construction Phase

Once we have finalized the design we will build it exactly as planed. You will be able to follow the work progress through the schedule in our client portal as well as speak to your dedicated project manager.

Post-Construction phase

After construction is complete, our cleanup crew will leave your home spotless so you can enjoy your new space. Your project manager will send out any important warranty information to you as well as request a review!

Our unique 10 step process:

Remodel your home with us

Whether you want a shower, or your entire home remodeled, we have all the tools and experience you need.